• General

  • What is Eternity roses?

    Eternity Roses are real roses that can last up to 4 years if customers follow the care guidelines. We only use roses of the highest quality, cut at their perfect peak. After cutting we transform our roses using a special pigmentation process that transforms them into works of art

  • How are Eternity roses preserved

    The stems of the recently cut flowers are immediately submerged in a conserving substance which is made from glycerine and other plant components. The sap of the flower is gradually replaced by the liquid until after a few days the process is complete. Then, each flower is examined to remove damaged petals or leaves.
  • Do eternity roses smell?

    No. Roses lost their smell under preserving process, but we have a solution for that. We have an organic and special rose oil that smell real rose. We drop it in each rose before shipping or delivery. The oils smell can last upp to 5 month.
  • Do preserved roses last forever?

    Placed in a vase or on a shelf, you can expect your preserved roses to last one to three years. If you decide to store your flowers in a sealed enclosure, they'll last even longer – up to 4 years! And you can use your preserved roses for more than sitting in a vase.
  • WHAT DO rose colors mean?

  • How can i place my order?

    You can place your order easy online in our website any time. If you need help for it just contact us by mail info@royalflora.eu.

  • Can i cancel or update an order?

    Yes, as long as an order in not being in process you can update or cancel it. We usualy start prepairing an order 2-3 days before choosed delivery date and for big boxes it is 1 week before.

  • How can i return my box?

    Unfortunately it is not possible. There is just two factors for accept a return.

    1. If you recive damaged box or roses:

    In this case you need raport a complaint before 24H after delivery and you need provide us with photos of damage that token in delivery time point. Be aware that you should not put roses out from their shipping box. We will provide you with ab return label and you can take the box to a serive point. We will disscuse about your situation and you will recive a new box after accepted complaint.

    2. If you recive your box after 2 weeks from your selected date.

    In this case you need just report it and get a return label from us. Do not unboxing and send it in orginal packaging. Unboxing package will not be accept as return.

    You do not pay for this return cases att all.

  • How long takes delivery?

    We have collaboration with DHL express and UPS express saver and both are committed to deliver in 1 bussiness day. Be aware that post delays can happen in some cases and some locations.